Relevant Gift Guide

Not another beauty brand

Relevant is straightforward. No bullsh*t. We make multi-functional skincare based on nature's most powerful ingredients that fit effortlessly into a life in motion.

We’re here for every body. We don’t see gender, skin tones and ages, because we believe that skin is skin. That’s why we develop multi-functional products that remove any unnecessary steps from our routines, making it easy for you to stay committed and get the results you want. Because let’s face it, a routine is what brings results, but a routine is only as effective as your daily commitment to it.

Rooted in athletic culture, we know better than any beauty brand what regular exercise, sweat and stress do to our bodies and we know how to empower it. That’s why we’re not here to tell you that our products are all you need to bring out the healthiest skin and hair, but we’re part of the solution. Instead, we encourage you to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle as part of your routine for the ultimate results.

From our home in Aarhus, we design uncompromising products that protect your body inside out and outside in. Relevant is based on organic, non-toxic and active ingredients rooted in nature and wrapped in recycled packaging. Because we take responsibility.

That's Relevant.

Is it Relevant for you?