Easy routines™

Relevant is straightforward. No bullsh*t. We make multi-functional skincare based on nature's most powerful ingredients that fit effortlessly into a life in motion.

Vitamin boost face serum

7-in-1 serum that boosts moisture level, reduces fine lines and strengthens the skin barrier.

Natural deodorant

Aluminium-free deodorant that effectively protects against bad body odour and yellow stains.

Rooted in athletic culture, we know better than any other how to take good care of your body.

The industry is playing dirty — but we play a different game. Certified products are our proof.

Active ingredients

All products are made with a high amount of active ingredients. This is the foundation to ensure an actual and visible effect on your skin.

Recycled packaging

We use recycled materials from old fishing nets, water bottles, and household waste.

Made in Denmark

We are proud to say that all products are produced in Denmark. This ensures sustainable and responsible conditions.