For an active lifestyle

Relevant's new haircare is based on the latest research and with the aim of developing products for an active lifestyle. Goodbye long beauty routines. Haircare should be simple and effective. But healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. A year and a half later, we are now ready — do you want to join the journey?

The haircare

Get healthy hair with PENTAVITIN®

PENTAVITIN® is a natural bioactive derived from sugar that retains moisture in hair and scalp. Its anti-inflammatory properties rebuilds the scalp’s natural balance - great for dry hair or irritated scalp.

Moisturise hair from the inside with Shampoo

Moisturising shampoo that strengthens hair, balances moisture level, and treats dry and irritated scalp. Rich in Pentavitin®, betaine, and wheat protein.

Get soft, full and luminous hair with Conditioner

Softening conditioner that intensively nourishes and protects hair to regain its natural strength and look. Rich in guar, betaine, and kale protein.

Stimulate healthy hair growth with Scalp Brush

Effective scalp brush that removes dead skin cells and stimulates a healthy scalp. Use as needed or with our Shampoo.

Active ingredients

All products are made with a high amount of active ingredients to ensure an actual and visible effect on your skin.

Recycled packaging

We use recycled materials from old fishing nets, water bottles, and household waste.

Made in Denmark

We are proud to say that all products are produced in Denmark. This ensures sustainable and responsible conditions.